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Here are TIDBITS about us.

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Married 33 years and missionaries in South Africa for 25, we’re passionate about finding what’s good and beautiful in every day! Committed to honestly examining ourselves and hearing others, we hope to grow in relationships based on truth and understanding.

We believe God shaped our passionate existence to reflect something of Himself. Created in His image, to know our Trinitarian God and the unified relationships He has always enjoyed, is to appreciate ourselves and understand our passionate longings.

Jesus exemplified God’s Trinitarian way of life. In South Africa, America, and with whomever we meet, He keeps us interacting with others. Diverse cultures share a basic premise: the drive to engage, belong and be accepted. Life is an opportunity to experience God’s magnificent story in the flesh of real relationships.

The challenge of our lifetime has been to embrace the Good News of the Gospel by learning what it means to be African, realize afresh what it means to be Western, and then allow iron to sharpen iron as corporately we identify the strengths and weaknesses of diverse cultures and what it means to be Christian: one body, a family united by God’s Spirit.

Our small corner of God’s family is our 3 sons, 2 long awaited daughters who joined the Seghers family in 2012 and 2014, and 3 wonderful grandchildren!

Passionate In His Image
Each of us is passionately created in the Image of God. Redeeming Sexual Love is a Bible study we’re writing that chronicles our journey of healing our own relationship. It remains a work of God and continues to grow and develop as we share our struggles and triumphs with others.


Our Purpose:

Knowing God…

Loving One Another…

And Making Him Known Through Sharing Our Lives!

“… By this all men will know that you are My disciples,if you love one another.” ~John 13:35
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